At Cambridge Pilates we believe physical strength and movement starts with stabilising and strengthening the core muscles of your body. Pilates is the perfect foundation of any movement. It focuses on the small internal muscles of the body, stabilising and strengthening from the inside out. You’ll learn how to use your body safely, switching on the correct muscles to avoid injury. Pilates is the ideal complement to other physical activities and sports.

Director and Head Instructor Alanie Steenkamp has been practising Pilates for almost 15 years. She didn’t know what Pilates was until her mum had a back injury and was told she could never exercise again. Undeterred, her mum tried Pilates, and after 2 sessions her back pain was gone. Alanie was intrigued and tried it herself, noticing she could feel muscles she hadn’t even known were there. Then she noticed her posture was better, she was walking differently – and
she was hooked!

Alanie has lived in Cambridge for over 10 years. A mum of 3 young children, she knows how the stress of a busy lifestyle can take its toll on your body and believes that 1-2 hours of Pilates a week can make a tremendous difference to your wellbeing. She and her team design classes to be enjoyable, focusing on a fun, social atmosphere.

“I like to make my classes fun. Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread. I pride myself on delivering classes that my clients don’t want to miss!”

I started mat Pilates for general wellbeing and to help with my cycle trail biking. I can already get up hills better now! I used to have neck and hip problems and visited the chiropractor fortnightly but no problems with this since starting Pilates. The Chiropractor says I'm better toned and I can feel this helps with stress release and I am sleeping better especially at tail end of menopause. Thanks heaps Alanie - appreciate what Pilates has done for my general wellbeing
Pam Welch-Cropp, 56