Pilates Mat Classes

This class will be suitable for expectant mums in their 2nd trimester (13 - 26 weeks).
Pre Natal Pilates will help support you through your body’s changes through the stages of pregnancy in preparation for the birthing process.
A fun and active way to care for yourself while meeting mums at a similar stage of pregnancy.

Mums & Bubs REFORMER
Bring your little one to Pilates for some tummy time, while you and 3 other mums have a workout of your own on the Pilates Reformer. Only 4 spaces available 

An Introductory Level class for any person new to Pilates.  The course raises awareness of posture, breathing and controlling your body movement. Once completed you can then move on to the Essential mat classes.

This is the next step after completing the Introduction course. Building on the Pilates Principles by adding the Beginner Exercise Repertoire. Also a perfect starting point for anyone who has done some Pilates before but need a recap or its been a few years since their last class.

Deepening the movements to the next level, this class introduces new and more challenging exercises.  Also incorporating small equipment such as Flexbands, Small balls, Magic Circles, Oovs* and we even use the larger Stability ball for a more challenging, yet fun workout. *OOV  – a special piece of Pilates equipment designed to support the spine

FLOW and Fascia 
The FLOW is 30mins of an exciting new form of mat Pilates that expands on the traditional method by incorporating fluid transitions into whole body integrated movement art workout sequences that are choreographed to music, followed by 25mins of Fascia Release.

Pilates PLUS Fascia Release. This full-body fascia release method improves performance and decreases the risk of repetitive stress injuries to eliminating chronic pain, regardless of what’s causing your pain in the first place. Perfect for any age. 20mins of gentle Mat Pilates, followed by Fascia Release.

“This studio provides a great variety of pilates. You don’t get bored and the instructor always encouraging and correcting”. Pam Taylor, 71

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Reformer Classes

There is probably no piece of Pilates Equipment more famous than the Pilates Reformer, and for good reason. The reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one, and an even more dramatic change in the body when you use it.

On the Reformer you work against spring resistance, which adds a whole new level of strength training to Pilates. The Reformer springs provide support for difficult exercises, thereby creating easier variations of mat exercises. This support means you can work muscle groups more deeply and specifically. Private or Small Group Sessions available.

You can book your Reformer session online – it’s quick and easy!

“I love my weekly Pilates Reformer and Mat Sessions with Alanie for so many reasons..........I love the discipline; I love the strength it helps me create; I love the 'team' vibe in the studio; and more than anything I love learning the correct techniques from Alanie to make each session better and stronger. Thanks for creating such an awesome environment Alanie........and thank you for being so honest with your counting to one hundred” Rachael Paine

OOV Classes

The OOV strengthens the core without the conscious thought demanded by other core training techniques. OOV training enables elite athletes to perform at their peak, yet it’s gentle enough for rehabilitation of a recent injury or operation. The first step in using the OOV is to develop the ability to balance on it. From there, a wide range of movements are introduced to challenge and strengthen the core muscles. For more information: www.oov.co.nz

“Love my OOV class! I so look forward to it on a Thursday evening, it rounds off my working week - straightening me out and setting me up for the weekend and the week to follow! Alanie is a joy and totally makes the classes; she is upbeat, caring, funny and takes the time to make sure everyone is doing it correctly.” Vanessa Pointon

Total Barre

Never dread a workout again – Total Barre’s lively and vigorous workout will have you looking forward to your next class! Designed to strengthen, tighten and tone, this Barre workout flows through
high-powered sequences that specifically target the arms, legs and core resulting in a long and lean physique. This intense class will challenge and change your body from the ground up – no dance experience or tutus required!

“WOW! Total Barre is off the charts! Love how hard this works ALL of your muscles in every way possible. BEST Pilates class I have come across. Great Instructor. Highly recommend”.
Kylie Menzies, 36

“I love to be part of my clients journey and I'm there every step of the way. Every day is a good day to do Pilates” Alanie