Studio Socks

We have a great range of studio socks for sale

You’ll love the way SHASHI socks make your feet look and feel. COOLMAX® fabric and stylish mesh tops create a fashion-forward look that performs beautifully all day long. No bulky material in the toe box to bunch up because each pair of SHASHI socks has a specific right and left foot. And the full-sole grip helps ensure maximum traction, whether you’re in barre class or on the dance floor.

Moveactive is an innovative brand driven by active lifestyles.Twirl, push, crouch, pounce, grip, point. Your feet can do a lot when empowered with MoveActive grippy socks!

Small, Medium & Large available in the studio $20-30 cash or online.

DoTERRA Essential Oils

When you walk into the studio you'll be transformed by the gorgeous smells of the DoTERRA essential oils. Keep an eye out for the Oil of the Day being diffused. You can purchase the oils at wholesale price from the Studio, or click on the DoTERRA link, head to Join & Save, sign up and become part of our Essential Oil community.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Vouchers & Giftcards

...because who wouldn't want the gift of Pilates for their birthday or Christmas.

Let me know what you are after and I can personalise the gift card and email it to you directly.

You decide if its for a Private session, a group Reformer or a Mat session or why not spoil them and pay for a term of mat sessions. The choice is yours. You can even throw in a pair of sparkly Pilates socks.