Class Prices

Introducing our new Cambridge Pilates credit system

Our studio is home to the cutting edge STOTT Systems Pilates equipment. We offer a range of Pilates experiences from mat or reformer classes to our signature studio sessions, which provide the opportunity to explore a range of innovative Pilates equipment, with the support of professional, qualified instructors.

How do the credits work?

Studio Mat Sessions

Mat Sessions = 1 Credit

Any session where you are in the Mat room:

(min of 4 per class otherwise the class might
be cancelled for that week)

Reformer Classes

Reformer Sessions = 2 Credits

Any session where you will be using the Reformer machine.
Max of 6 spaces per session.

(min of 2 for the class to continue, otherwise it
might be cancelled for that week)


Payment Options

Credits valid for 7 days

2 credits = $39 
4 credits = $72 

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Credits valid for 1 month 

4 credits = $72 
8 credits = $140 

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These credits are valid for 1 year.

10 credits = $180.00
20 credits = $350.00
40 credits = $650.00

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How does the Beginner
course work?

This is best if you can attend it as a block course of
5 (for Reformer) and 8 (for Mat) consecutive sessions within a specific timeframe. 

Note: You need to attend a block course before attending any group sessions.

If you do miss a class you can use the credits to join any of the other sessions

BEGINNER Reformer 


Online Sessions

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Online Payment Details

Ref: name, class day and time (ex: J Smith Monday 12:30)

Private Sessions

Please contact me directly if you are interested in Private sessions.
Private sessions are not shown on the timetable and is seperate from the group sessions.

Group sessions cannot be transferred to private sessions.

Credit Policy

There are no more term based sessions. Please check the timetable during school holidays as some mat sessions will continue

Credits can be used for ALL the sessions on the timetable. All credits are valid for 1 year starting from date of first session booked. All classes need to be cancelled 12hrs before start of session (including mat) - NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can use the waiting list, if someone cancels within the 12hr cancellation window you will get a spot in the class. Expiration date of package is final and unused credits cannot be transferred to next date.

NO REFUNDS for unused credits. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Minimum of 2 clients per REFORMER session otherwise class can be cancelled.

Minimum of 4 clients per MAT,OOV,BARRE class otherwise class might be cancelled.

All credits/classes are covered under the same policy. When you have only 2 remaining credits left you will receive an email to notify you that you are running low on credits.


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